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In the overview of this module, we saw how a linear equation can be applicable to the grocery store expenditure. Think about 2 different examples where you can formulate 2 different linear equations. Then, share those examples and linear equations. Include the x-intercept and y-intercept of each of your linear equations. Interpret and discuss about the slope and graphs of the linear equations in the examples. 

NOTE: None of your linear equations must have expenditure as the dependent variable. (Think beyond the grocery store example.)



What impact do vision and values and getting to value added have in achieving an edge on corporate citizenship? What are the underpinning themes of citizenship and systems thinking? Provide examples and research to support your thinking.

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    Name: College: Course: Date: Day after day, the people make addition and subtraction. If you have a cake to share, try to make sure that divided it equally. When it's getting late to an appointment, you have to mentally calculate the

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