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ENG 125 Week 2 Assignment - Macbeth and Hamlet
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For this assignment, I need to write annotations for three sources. One needs to be a primary source. And then two secondary sources (need to be academic sources and come from peer-reviewed journals.


In my Annotated Bibliography, I need to

  • Copy and paste the writing prompt you chose to explore in Week One into a Word Document.
    • The writing prompt that I chose is "Most often, literacy works have both internal conflict and external conflict."
  • Restate the working thesis you created in Week One below your writing prompt.
    • My thesis:   

The  conflict identified in the drama Macbeth by William Shakespeare centers on  Macbeth’s desires for power and his internal demons his actions, showing that  human struggle against good and evil. 

  • In this same document, identify your primary source(s) and two secondary, academic sources. If you chose to discuss two poems in your Week One Assignment, each must have its own entry in the Annotated Bibliography.
  • Summarize each source and explain how the source supports your working thesis. These summaries should be 100 to 150 words for each entry.
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