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10_Noe--Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 4e
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What are the qualities associated with human resources that help an organization gain a sustainable competitive advantage? 

Name five important responsibilities of HR, briefly describing the specific activities associated with each. 

Distinguish between training and development of employees. 

Discuss the responsibility of HR with regard to planning and administering pay and benefits. Also analyze the impact of this function on the organization. 

Describe the terms human resource planning and evidence-based HR. How do these concepts help HR in supporting the organization's strategy? 

Briefly describe six competencies required for the HR profession. 

Discuss the HR responsibilities of supervisors. 

List and discuss the basic human rights suggested by the work of Immanuel Kant, as well as the tradition of the Enlightenment. 

What are the four principles followed by ethical successful companies? 

How would you describe a career in human resource management? Cite the type of positions available, degree requirements, the nature of the work, and salary levels. 

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