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Workplace Protective and Physical Barriers
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This is a "two" part forum discussion. For full credit, answer intwo distinct parts(part one and part two).

Part I

Field Observations: Select a “non”-work related location in your area and “comprehensively describe how protective and physical barriers have been applied. Using the assigned reading as your guide, be “specific and detailed.” To facilitate visualization and understanding, clearly identify and describe your chosen location and include photos or images, as needed. 


Part II

Field Observations: Identify, describe, and discuss “three” of the following at your current workplace (if necessary, another location): a barrier, door, lock, etc. that are discussed in this week's reading. You should describe the location of these barriers and explain why you think these specific barriers, etc. (opposed to other barriers, doors, locks, etc.) were placed at each of these locations. Then indicate whether your option, or another choice, could be utilized as a supplemental (additional) barrier, etc. at this same location. Also, indicate whether there are any ADA or fire codes that must be considered at these locations. Again, to facilitate visualization and understanding, clearly identify and describe your chosen location. 


Please talk about barriers, doors and locks to respond to part 2.  




You will post one response to the forum discussion prompt and a “minimum of two responses (more “substantive” responses for a “superior” score) to your classmates (or instructor, if a follow-up question is asked) each discussion week (weeks 1 – 3 and 5 – 7). “Single space only” in forums. Importantly, to keep everyone on the same sheet of music, “post only during the current course week” (do “not” post in advance).

The response to each forum prompt must be a minimum of “500 words” in length (“excluding” the directions, questions, quotations, notes, or references). 


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