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Healthcare Reimbursement
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UNIT 3 HS440 

PART1:  Responses should be around 150 words APA format with refrences.*

·         Describe the difference between direct costs and variable costs. Consider how a healthcare manager might use this information in making decisions. How might you, as a healthcare manager use cost allocation method to assign costs to support activities to patient services? 

PART 2:  Follow APA formatting for the Title and Reference page, as well as APA formatting within the paper itself (Times New Roman 12-point font and properly double spaced). 

 The minimum page limit is 2 pages or 600 words.

 The maximum page limit is 4 pages or 1200 words.

Describe international standard diagnosis classification use in the US health care reimbursement and billing system.

·         Describe the importance of proper coding in healthcare to ensure prompt reimbursement by answering the following questions:

·          Describe the role of finance in the healthcare system.

·          Describe the Diagnosis codes and how they are used, impacting reimbursement.

·          Describe the features of third-party payers

·          Explain the reimbursement methods used and the effects of coding on reimbursement.

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