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Sustainability Paper
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Discuss the three pillars of the sustainable business and contrast these with “conventional” paradigms. Be sure to include the concept of economic growth vs. development. Also include a discussion of the impact on the biosphere.

·      Within the above context, compare and contrast a company of your choice that embodies the tenets of the sustainable business along with one that embodies that of the traditional model.

·      Within the above discussion elaborate on how each affects business strategy and management:

·      The business model/economic paradigm

·      CSR/corporate culture/values

·      Obligation to environmental stewardship

·      Life cycle management

·      Production

·      Supply chain practices (where do they source their inputs, etc.)

·      The relation between the business practices of each company and consumer behaviors

·      The ethics of each company’s marketing activities

·      Accounting, finance, HR, and Operations Management

·      What potential ethical issues can you identify with regard to these companies? How would you prioritize them? Explain your reasoning. How would you approach resolving these ethical problems?

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