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Strategic Human Resource Management
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The paper should contain the following components: 

Background of the study

Research problem (possibly decision problem too)

Population and sample defined

Sampling methodology

Assumptions and limitations


You do not need to conduct the actual research, collect data or analyze results. You will write a proposal and develop a short survey. The final proposal should be 6-8 pages in length, including the survey.   If you used an internet-based survey, include the questions and the scale. 


The paper should contain all components addressed in the weekly course project discussions, and formatted professionally and scholarly in APA format.

Weekly Course Project Discussion Topics:

Week 2:  State the Research Problem

Week 3:  Variables needed to answer the research problem, including demographic variables


Explain how each variable will be measured, explaining the scale

Week 4: Questionnaire


Discuss how each variable is clearly measured by the survey stating which question(s) answer each variable

Week 5: Target population of the study, including sampling frame, sample selection, data collection method(s)

Week 6: Assumptions, limitations, and potential errors

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