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Budgeting in Policy
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Directions: Research budgeting in criminal justice (choose a criminal justice based agency, such as in law enforcement, corrections, and/or courts.  Prepare a three-page research paper addressing your findings in regards to the learning objectives and outcomes listed at the beginning of this module, paying special attention to address each one of the learning objectives and outcomes listed.


Required Resources:


·         Course textbook

·         Internet access

·         AAU Library


Submission Requirements:


·         Three pages in a Word document

·         Double-spaced, using 10-point Arial font

·         Include an APA formatted cover page

·         Cite your sources using an APA formatted reference page


B. Budget Cycle in four cycles: 

c. Discuss why and how criminal justice policymakers are reforming sentencing laws to reduce corrections expenditures


4. Explain the impact of a difficult economy on the criminal justice system budgets.


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