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Evaluate three (3) or more of the web sources linked to below
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Evaluate three (3) or more of the web sources linked to below, all of which concern the topic of bipolar disorder. Using your class notes, decide how credible and authoritative the source is. Would you trust the source enough to cite its information in a college paper or project? Would you cite some information from it, but not other information?  (If so, explain why.)  Or would you simply look for a better, more credible source?  Consider such factors as the author, publisher, accuracy, currency, coverage, and design or writing features. In your CTA, present and explain your evaluations.
1.    What is Bipolar Disorder? (WebMD)
2.    Bipolar disorder (The Free Dictionary)
3.    Bipolar Disorder (Dr. Katz)
4.    What is Bipolar Disorder? (National Institute of Mental Health)

Important note: The source you evaluate will be an article, NOT a whole web site. The article is the source. The web site represents the publisher. The site may influence your decisions about the source, but is only one factor.

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