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Project Selection Models
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Need a short paper approximately 500 words that discusses project selection models. 

There are two basic types of project selection models: non-numeric and numeric. As a project manager, you should prepare a report that provides an overview of the selection criteria, selection models, and management processes. Your short paper should do the following:

  • Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of non-numeric and numeric selection models.
  • Describe how selection criteria are developed and used for the selection and prioritization of projects.
  • Describe management’s process for choosing a project selection model. How does it align with the organization’s mission?

There are several Qualitative Models that you can consider in your research for non-numeric project selection methods that include:

·         Subject Matter Expert (SME) judgments based on their knowledge + expertise

·         Sacred Cow Methods that includes pressure from upper management to complete the project

·         Mandates -- generated from external sources such as local, state, or federal agencies

·         Checklist Model -- projects are evaluated against a list of criteria

Must cite sources.

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