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Pavement Function vs Velocity
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This question can be found in Chapter 3: Section 3.6. Problem #78: Stopping Distances
The functions models a car's stopping distance, f(x) or g(x), in feet, traveling at x miles per hour.
Function f models the stopping distance on dry pavement and function g models the stopping distance on wet pavement. The graphs of these functions are shown for {x | x ≥ 30}. Notice that the figure does not specify which graph is the model for dry roads and which is the model for wet roads.

a. Use the given functions to find the stopping distance on dry pavement and the stopping distance on wet pavement for a car traveling at 55 miles per hour. Round to the nearest foot.
b. Based on your answer to part (a), which rectangular coordinate graph shows stopping distances on dry pavement and which shows stopping distances on wet pavement?
c. How well do your answers from part (a) model the actual stopping distances shown in Figure 3.43 on page 411?

d. Determine speed on wet pavement requiring stopping distance of one and onehalf football fields, or 540 feet. Round to the nearest mile per hour.

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