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In previous weeks you learned that your company decided to develop a new mobile ordering system in order to avoid losing customers to your competitor.  Over the past few weeks you developed a summary showing how developing the new system would upgrade the current process and future process. In addition, you determined the skill sets of the technical and process human resources needed for the project implementation team. Finally, you discussed some of the customer interface issues and development issues that arise when designing a mobile software application.

This week, you will wrestle with some of the issues around how to approach the development of this system. From the previous assignments you will make your own proposal to the IT Steering Committee. Assume that the development effort will be done in-house and outside resources will only be brought in if needed.

How will you attract current and new customers to your mobile app by using social media?

Write a 350- to 700-word memo, with your recommendations to the IT Steering Committee. Include the following content in your paper:

The chosen solution that you feel is the right solution.

Explain the reason you made your choice, and justify your choice with current references.

How will Personal Identifiable Information be separated and protected from the information that is necessary to complete the order?

How will the mobile ordering app interface with the current point of sale system?

How can the company avoid developing a website for each retail outlet?

What company costs can be saved using the new app?

What additional revenue can be gained using the new app?

How will you attract current and new customers to your mobile app by using social media?

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