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Knowledge Management
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Microsoft Norway... - Discussion questions

1. Discuss the four major forces driving knowledge management (KM) in today's world. Would you say they have contributed towards driving Microsoft Norway in deciding on the need for knowledge networking? Justify your answer.

2. Discuss the challenges faced by Microsoft Norway before the implementation of the KM. For each challenge identified, discuss how the implementation of KM provided the necessary solutions.

3. Discuss the types of knowledge being captured by Microsoft Norway and how are they being captured and from where?

4. Discuss the benefits of the knowledge networking initiative set up by Microsoft Norway. Your discussion should cover the benefits for individuals, community of practice and the Microsoft Norway as an organization.

5. Discuss the strategies used by Microsoft Norway to encourage the contributing and the sharing of knowledge by its members. Are there any other strategies that Microsoft Norway could have used?


6. With the importance of KM, discuss the role played by different strategies taken to manage valuable knowledge at Microsoft Norway. Provide specific example(s) for each strategy.

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