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Ethics and Social Responsibility of Hewlett Packard
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Please complete the following written assignment.


The purpose of this assignment on Ethics and Social Responsibility is to allow you to review the material presented in class and in the assigned readings and apply them to the company that you have selected for study during the Foundations of Management course.


The Assignment:


For the company that you have selected for study(the company is Hewlett Packard), research an ethical dilemma that the company is facing or one that the industry in which the company exists is facing. Once you have identified the ethical dilemma, please address the following:

  1. Clearly state the ethical dilemma for the company.
  2. What are the facts and issues in this case that lead you to believe that it is an ethical dilemma?
  3. What are the positions of various stakeholders in the issue?
  4. What ethical criteria (theories/concepts) did you employ to guide your analysis of the dilemma?(use the book)slide #25
  5. What is your solution to the ethical dilemma?
  6. Is it socially responsive and responsible? (Does your solution meet the standards of corporate social responsibility?)
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