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Comprehensive Executive Summary on Project Oversight Leadership Team
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Title: Project Oversight Paper


In this assignment, students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of project oversight.


  1. Research project oversight.
  2. Write an 350- to 700-word executive summary to your organization's leadership team covering the following:
  • What is project oversight?
  • How will project oversight impact the organization?
  • How will project oversight impact the project manager?
  • What's the importance of project oversight to the future of project management?

Reference requirement(s)

  • Assignment must include direct quotations from course texts and may includedirect quotes and paraphrases from any acceptable sources as prescribed in Mahoney's Instructor's Policies. (Note: Only the eBooks contained in the Learning Activities are considered course texts.  Videos, forum posts, and supplemental information provided in assignment materials do not count as course texts.
  • Citations and references must support your assertions, validate your claims, and give weight to your ideas. They are not to be used in lieu of your ideas or as a substitute for your own original work.  All citations and references must germane to, and compliment, your own words. 
  • The total amount of cited material may not exceed 20% of the assignment's total content; 80% of the assignment must be original work.


  • Formatting must be consistent with APA requirements noted in the APA Sample Paper and any supplemental requirements noted in Mahoney's Instructor's Policies.
  • Name the assignment files consistent as follows:

Project Oversight Paper - Your Name


The following file(s) must be submitted for this assignment by clicking the Assignment Files tab. Submissions made in formats other than those listed below will not be accepted for grading.

  1. The assignment paper in Microsoft® Word® format

NOTE: Ensure that you actually Submit your assignment, and don't simplyUpload it.  Uploading is not submitting.  It must be submitted by clickingSubmit. Failure to properly submit your assignment is not an excuse for late submissions.

Software requirements:  

  • Microsoft® Word® 2003/2007/2010/2013
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