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Business Problem and Recommendation
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Earning Outcome/Instructions:  Define a business problem including problem statement, purpose and objective.

For the weeks following, you will construct a final project that demonstrates your knowledge of the manager/leaders role as it pertains to analyzing data to make informed decisions. To get started, select a problem/topic of interest associated with your workplace that you feel your supervisor of CEO would ask you to "look into, and come up with a recommendation in the next month or so." If this is currently not an option for you, consider some of the following topic:

·         Reducing transportation costs for a fleet of delivery trucks --> For this topic, define a business problem including problem statement, purpose and objective.

·         At  least 2 academic references are expected, cited in-text and referenced  in proper APA format. Homework must be a minimum of  300 words or more.

·         Attach is the rubrics. 

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