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Compose one formal, APA-formatted paper of no more than 700 words (word count excluding title and reference pages) that demonstrates your understanding of the following concepts for each study:

·         Context: What is the business problem? What is the specialization? Are these appropriately related?

·         Setting: What is the applied business research or research method and design (or both)?

·         Rationale: What is the value (worth) of examining the problem as applied to business? Upon whose research did the authors seek to build, that is, what is the scholarly justification for the research?

·         Research Purpose: What is the purpose of the study? What is the alignment between the research purpose and problem identified by the authors?

·         Ethical Procedures and Processes: In summary, what actions did the authors take to ensure the ethical protections required in applied business research?

·         Operational Definitions: Were specialized terms used?

·         Foundational Theories and Concepts Frameworks: How do the articles differ with respect to their foundational theories and concepts?


Al-Emadi, M. A. S., & Marquardt, M. J. (2011). Relationship between employees' beliefs regarding training benefits and employees' organizational commitment in a petroleum company in the State of Qatar. International Journal of Training & Development, 11(1), 49–70.


Marsh, C. (2014). Business executives' perceptions of ethical leadership and its development. Journal of Business Ethics, 114(3), 565–582.

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