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15_HRM 548 Recruitment and Retention Practices - Forward Style, Inc. Employee Policy Memo - GM
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You have been hired as the HR manager for a marketing company, Forward Style Inc., with 65 employees. Your first item of business is to evaluate the company’s rewards program to determine if legal requirements are being met by the company.


Write a memo to Forward Style Inc. management using no more than 800 words to explain which of their offered benefits are required by law and which of the benefits are being used to attract employees. Also, include in your memo how the offered benefits affect the organization based on the above scenario. The company offers the following benefits:


  • Private retirement plan
  • Medical insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Social insurance, including social security, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation
  • Pay for time not worked
  • Stock options
  • Child care
  • Family and medical leave of 6 paid weeks and up to 6 additional unpaid weeks
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