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ACC303 Module 6 Quiz 2017 (Perfect Answer)
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Question 1

The purpose of using validation tests in the record definition of a database is to:

Question 1 options:

verify that the user is authorized to enter data in the database.

make sure the database works properly.

avoid data entry errors.

ensure normalized data.

Question 2

Reports enable users to:

Question 2 options:

limit the distribution of the information.

see a paper output of database information.

change information in the underlying database tables.

tab from one data field to another at run time.

Question 3

In the E-R model, the primary record key of a file is indicated by:

Question 3 options:

using a square.

printing the term (e.g., part number) in italics.

an asterisk.


Question 4

Assume that an accounts receivable application contains database tables for customer orders, inventory items, customers, and salespersons. Which of these items would  probably be a foreign key in the customer orders table?

Question 4 options:

Order number

Customer name

Salesperson number

All of these

Question 5

In the E-R model, an oval denotes a(n):

Question 5 options:

transitive relationship.

“is a” characteristic.

one-to-many relationship.

data attribute such as a social security number.

Question 6

The value that a database will use if the user does not provide an alternate value is called a(n):

Question 6 options:

text value.

control value.

default value.

asset value.

Question 7

In the REA framework, an account receivable would be classified as a(n):

Question 7 options:




None of these

Question 8

A rule of thumb in industry is that the cost to correct an error in a database is approximately how many times the cost of entering the data initially?

Question 8 options:





Question 9

To perform a range test on the hours worked data field in an Access database that requires the entry to be at least 0 and no more than 40, you should express this requirement as:

Question 9 options:

between 0 And 40.

none of these.

at least 0; Not more than 40.

0<= X <= 40.

Question 10

Manual forms, in terms of database form design, are:

Question 10 options:


used to collect information electronically.

used to guide the development of electronic forms.

used by many offices already.



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