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EDU695: MAED Capstone week 5 assignment A+
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  1. Learning Solutions

    This assignment will help you with your Final Project. As a leader, you will be solving a variety of problems. Based on the research literature you reviewed, propose solutions to the instructional problem from each of the five perspectives within the context of a diverse community of learners:
    1. Curriculum
    2. Instruction 
    3. Evaluation 
    4. Technology 
    5. Policy

Identify which perspective most closely aligns with the research findings from your literature review and the knowledge base you have gained through your MAED degree program. Use examples to support your reasoning.

Your paper must be two to four pages in length, in addition to the title and reference pages. You must include a minimum of five resources, which must be cited in proper APA formatting.

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  • EDU695: MAED Capstone week 5 assignment A+

    Learning Solutions Learning Solutions A child’s first teachers are always the parents and they are lifelong teachers. Therefore, it is always important for parents to maintain relationships with their child’s teachers to be more active in their educatio

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