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Final Project: Case Portfolio A+
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Final Project: Case Portfolio


Using a photograph provided in course content, student will: develop a case portfolio which will include the following: collection of digital evidence; transfer/handling of digital evidence; differentiation of non-digital evidentiary items collected separately; methodology of preservation; summary of analysis results (results provided in course content) for the intended audience (prosecution or defense); final testimonial preparation materials


Project Requirements:



    • 10 full pages minimum


    • Paper should be initiated with an introductory paragraph and ended with a conclusion


    • Cover page (not included in page count): course number, course title, title of paper, student’s name, date of submission


    • Format: Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-space, one-inch margin


    • Bibliography/reference page (not included in page count): APA citation style, textbook included as a reference
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  • Final Project: Case Portfolio A+

    Case Portfolio Summary Having ascertained that there are reasonable grounds for suspicion based on the specific behavior of one of their employees – Mr Able Cain – and as a result of these suspicions it has been deemed both necessary and expedient to collate and analyze the variety of digital evidence which exists in order to ascertain the overall validity of these suspicions. With the necessary corporate approvals in place, and verification from the Network Administration within the organization that there appears to have been unauthorized access attempts propagated from Mr. Cain’s office the next steps were to undertake a Search/Seizure of this location in accordance with standard security and fore

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