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EMOTION (Benchmark Assessment)
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To Gwyn  eMOTION (Benchmark Assessment) a) Make a three-column chart with the following column headings: Observation, Reflection, and Recommendation. Using your notes from your practicum experience, complete the columns according to the following: i) In the Observation column, explain what you observed in terms of instructional practice, behavior interventions and modifications, and systems. Be thorough and complete in your observations. ii) In the Reflection column, write your reflection in terms of whether or not you believe this instruction, behavior, or system is effective. Do this for each observation you make. Support your opinion with information you have gained from this course (lecture, text, discussion, etc.). iii) In the Recommendation column, discuss what you would recommend in terms of improving that which you observed (be specific). Use the course lectures, readings, and discussion forum to inform this recommendation

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  • EMOTION (Benchmark Assessment)

    Second Grade EBD Classroom with 5 boys. Two boys are African American, and three boys are Caucasian. One student also has an ADHD ruling, and three others have learning disabilities. Observation Reflection Recommendation Instructional 1. Each student in the classroom has his own work folder. The teacher puts the folder on the students’ desks before they come into the classroom in the morning. They have one or two simple problems that they must complete or answer. Sometimes, they only have a coloring sheet. 2. The teacher uses direct instruction when

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