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NR 505- Proper Treatment of Pneumonia
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Proper Treatment of Pneumonia

Taneka Porter

Chamberlain College of Nursing

NR 505: Advance Research Methods

February 2017












Clinical practice guidelines (CPG) are developed to assist with evidence- based recommendations to guide our healthcare system. Using clinical practice guidelines helps with quality improvement to assure adequate care of patients by using the best practice possible. There are many clinical guidelines that exist in relation to different conditions and situations. A good Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) can help avoid inappropriate practice which helps improve quality of care and safety in clinical practice settings. The development of clinical practice guides may not be an easy task. The most vital part of the development is to assure that it contains evidence-based information. For the sake of this paper, I will critique a Clinical Practice Guideline(CPG) related to proper treatment of pneumonia in adult patients.

According to the American Lung Association, Pneumonia can affect anyone, regardless of age, however among those who are highest risk, older adults are at the top of the list. Some people walk around with the symptoms of Pneumonia for a very long time before seeking professional care. They may experience a cough, fever, or chills, yet chose to self-medicate with over the counter medications. However, when symptoms worsen 

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