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Concept Analysis on Competency in Nursing - NR 501
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Concept Analysis on Competency in Nursing

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NR 501 Theoretical Basis Adv Nursing




Concept Analysis on Competency in Nursing

Concept analysis is crucial in many programs involving healthcare because it enables the context to be understood. Concept analysishelps to clarify and refine concepts in theory, research, and actual practice in order to help reach a more functional and theoretical definition for research and practice.This report will be using Henderson’s Need theory to analyze the concept of competency and how it relates to nursing. Similarly, the concept of self-care and its role in the healthcare discipline will be discussed. On the other hand, management of self-care practices, changes in lifestyle, and monitoring is a basic method of treating chronic ailments but is one that the patient/individual must be able to grasp, perform, and maintain. The most common terms used in referring to self-care concepts include compliance, adherence, and concordance. 

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