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Identify your two philosophers, ethical writers, or theorists A+
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•Identify your two philosophers, ethical writers, or theorists.


This is an assignment for my ethics class, must be at least 1200 words with 2 references.

•Explain why you chose the two writers. Was it because they were names with which you were familiar? Have you read some of their work before, or have you engaged in conversation about the philosopher? Did your research for this assignment lead you to this philosopher?

•Describe, in your own words, their philosophies of life.

•Discuss the differences or similarities, if any, in the philosophies of your two chosen writers.

•Have you given this topic any thought prior to this assignment, or is this a new exercise for you?

•Discuss how their philosophies of life are similar to, or different from, your own philosophy of life.

•Discuss what you have learned in studying their philosophy of life that can benefit you in your future, in either your personal or professional life.

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  • Identify your two philosophers, ethical writers, or theorists A+

    Nietzsche & Kubler-Ross Student's Name Institutional Affiliation   Nietzsche & Kubler-Ross Individual perspectives are like new canvases ready to be painted or old canvases ready to be reused. The experience that a person accumulates over time along with the knowledge that is gathered either reinforces his/her current beliefs or changes them altogether. This paper identifies two extraordinary people Friedrich Nie

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