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Ethical Dilemmas 1
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After reading the chapter and the lecture, what are the major ethical issues facing sales professionals today?
b. Which ones do you believe are most important and why?
c. Engage your classmates and do more than simply "agree" with their perspectives via your thoughtful postings that move the threaded discussion in a forward direction. 
d. How can you use this information to improve your sales-department performance? 


 The major ethical issues faced by sales professionals are as follows:

  1. Hitting The Right Audience: The sales representatives have to have to very steady mindset before they start the field work. They have to be unrealistically optimistic towards their work because people say “NO” even before they hear what the representative ahs to say. These can very demoralizing and frustrating.
  3. Competition on same product and yet a pressure to sell the product:  The sales representatives have to sell products which are almost similar to the products produced by the competitors. In such cases they have to bend rules which in turn get them involved in legal issues.
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