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NTC/405 Week 4 Individual Assignment TCP/IP Paper
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Write a 4-7 page paper including the following:


·        Analyze the current options available for use of TCP/IP and OSI models for businesses.

·        Research options for improving the current use of TCP/IP and recommend new software and equipment that’s available.

·        Describe how use of equipment, software, and multiplexing could aid in improving use for communications which would reduce network congestion. 


Use APA formatting for the paper.

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  • NTC/405 Week 4 Individual Assignment TCP/IP Paper

    NTC 405 TCP/IP The OSI reference model or Open System Interconnection is the most common model used in today’s networks. The OSI model divides the required network processes into seven different layers allowing for effective communication. Layer 7 or the Application function provides network services to application processes, interacts and supports the networks needs of various software’s, and provides prot

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