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Case Study 2: The Job That Was Too Good to Be True
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In 2000, FBI special agents lured Russian cyber criminals Vasiliy Gorshkov and Alexey Ivanov to the United States with a ruse involving a job interview. The FBI also downloaded evidence of their crimes from computers in Russia. Using information from your textbook, additional materials provided by your instructor, and your own independent research, discuss whether you think the FBI's investigative techniques went too far. Did the FBI act under the color of any international laws or compacts, or did they "go off the reservation?" Do the FBI's actions stand up to scrutiny under current US cyber laws? Have there been other, more recent examples of cases in which US law enforcement targeted non-US citizens in a similar manner? What, if any, are the positive or negative impacts of this case on subsequent cyber-crime investigations? Your submission should be a minimum of four pages in length, and it should conform to APA formatting and citation standards. A title page and reference list (APA style) are mandatory, but will not count toward the four-page requirement.

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  • Case Study 2: The Job That Was Too Good to Be True

    The Job That Was Too Good to Be True The concept of cyber-crime is one which has become increasingly important, not least due to the significant rise in systems and infrastructure elements which are controlled by computer based environments. In light of this there are several legislative elements which have been introduced with respect to increasing the avai

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