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Project Deliverable 5-Network Infrastructure And Security
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Project Deliverable 5-Network Infrastructure And Security




CIS 599 Graduate Info Systems Capstone



























           This is my fifth project capstone. After I have explained cloud technology and virtualization now I am explaining about my network infrastructure and security while I am merging with international company. Cloud computing, vast mobility options and unified communications enable your end-users but they also make it harder to manage and secure your network infrastructure. Many organizations lack the tools and policies that are needed to implement a truly unified and integrated strategy. As a result, operations may be interrupted or assets damaged. The good practice set does not contain mandatory requirements that centers are required to implement. Instead, it outlines a number of good practices with respect to enterprise ICT security and acceptable use. The prudence of implementing specific good practices identified in this guide will depend on the risk profile associated with the ICT environment in each center. A set of checklists is provided at the end of this guide to assist with the process of determining those good practices, which will be relevant depending on the risk profile 

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