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Week 4 Case Study-cis 534
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Course: CIS 534

Date: 05/26/2015
















Ethical Hacker


Keeping in mind that this job or the process will be carried out ethically, I will employ the means of penetration testing. Penetration testing, is a dynamic and authorize attempt to analyze to the security of an Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, in a bid to safely take advantage of the system vulnerabilities, application's imperfection, deficiencies of the underlying configurations and even the end user risky behaviors. These assessment can also be very effective in authenticating the defensive mechanisms of users, while in turn adhering with all necessary security policies.

Penetration testing are carried out using technologies that are either manual or automated, in other to gain access to server, databases, endpoints, web proxies, firewalls, web gateways, wireless network devices. The moment vulnerabilities are discovered, this includes, ill configured gateways , ill configured web applications , then 

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