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Business Analytics Implementation Plan Part 1
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Business Analytics Implementation Plan Part 1

                                                               Amber VanHausen

                                                                Argosy University



Table of Contents

1.    Introduction. 3

2.    Implementation. 3

2.1      Organization Structure. 4

2.2      Mapping Business Objectives. 5

2.3      Data Understanding. 6

2.4      Implementation Plan. 7

3.  Conclusion. 9

References. 10













1.      Introduction

This is a business analytics implementation plan for Gradient Connections which intends to implement the same. Gradient Connections has technology in place but has no connected systems. Gradient’s databases are all independent of each other but they make use of the server environment. It has one location currently and it is considering expanding to a second location in the United States however, it is unsure of how beneficial 

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