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Competitive analysis
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Perform a brief competitive analysis of the pork market under the following scenario. You are a small farmer located on the Georgia-Florida border. 
You have 45 extra acres and are entertaining the concept of field raised pigs (see videos below). It appears the market for natural pork products is growing. For example, one producer located north of you (Thompson Farms in Dixie, Georgia ( sells to several of the co-ops and Whole Foods type stores in the North Florida & Georgia markets. Your farm is located near three major Florida markets: Tampa (222miles), Jacksonville (112 miles), and Orlando (206 miles). You are closest to two mid-size market Tallahassee (50 miles) and Valdosta GA (40 miles). 
In doing your competitive analysis of the pork producers who compete in Northern and Central Florida focus your work on addressing the following points: 
1) the total estimated market for pork in this region, see how granular you can make this i.e. type of product, pork chops, bacon, sausage etc. (13 points) 
2) identification of 2-3 large producers (over $250 million in sales), and 2-3 smaller producers (under $250 million) their brands and products. Remember, select producers such as Smithfield Foods, Thompson farms etc. not outlets such as Publix and Wholefoods; The sites below may be of help. (4 pts) 

3) A brief analysis (2 sentence max) of companies found and their strengths. You should focus on the three Florida markets unless you have difficulty finding the data then you could use more national data. (Provide citations for all your work i.e. website urls etc.). (4 points) 
4) Given the scenario above, and you analysis do you think field raised pigs is a market that you would further analyze or are the big agribusinesses just to powerful? (one paragraph max) Again, I think this is really timely after you just did the Monsanto case. (4 points)

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