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Question 1 Brad doesn’t stop by to see Angelina for a couple of days to see how she will respond. This most likely took place in the _______________ stage of the relationship.


a. contact

b. bonding

c. involvement

d. intimacy

Question 2 According to research, how long does it take us to decide if we want to pursue a relationship?


a. 4 days

b. 10 minutes

c. 1 day

d. 4 minutes

Question 3 Justin and Jessica announced their engagement at a party on a Friday night. They are in the ______________ stage of the relationship.


a. intimacy—interpersonal commitment

b. involvement—intensification

c. intensifying—testing

d. intimacy—social bonding

Question 4 The degree of personalness to which you pursue topics is known as


a. relational dialectics theory.

b. depth.

c. breadth.

d. social penetration theory.

Question 5 Sari is a huge fan of comedian and actor Chris Rock. She follows him on Twitter and Facebook, watches all his movies and has even written him letters. Sari has a(n) ______________ relationship with him.


a. friendship

b. parasocial

c. acquaintance

d. pseudo-intimate

Question 6 When a relationship deteriorates, the breadth and depth often reverse themselves, a process known as _____________________


a. relationship deterioration.

b. depenetration.

c. dissolution.

d. intrapersonal dissatisfaction.

Question 7 Barbie and Ken have been acting awkwardly around each other lately. They’ve both noticed a lot more conflict and they haven’t been spending as much time together like they used to. Barbie and Ken are in the ______________ stage.


a. deterioration

b. disintegration

c. dissolution

d. avoidance

Question 8 In the ____________ stage of relationships, you begin to share each other’s social networks.


a. involvement

b. intimacy

c. contact

d. repair

Question 9 The number of topics about which individuals communicate is


a. social penetration.

b. width.

c. breadth.

d. depth.

Question 10 The first stage of deterioration is


a. interpersonal dissatisfaction.

b. intrapersonal dissatisfaction.

c. communication depenetration.

d. interpersonal deterioration.

Question 11 A theory concerned with relationship development from the superficial to the intimate levels and from few to many areas of interpersonal interaction is


a. social penetration.

b. relational bonding maxim.

c. relational dialectics theory.

d. interpersonal bonding.

Question 12 In ____________ stage, ex-partners begin to look upon themselves as individuals rather than halves of the pair.


a. interpersonal dissatisfaction

b. dissolution

c. deterioration

d. testing

Question 13 An analysis of the costs and rewards in a relationship take place in the ___________ theory of relationships.


a. attraction

b. rules

c. social exchange

d. social penetration

Question 14____________ theory claims that you develop and maintain relationships in which the ratio of your rewards relative to the costs is approximately equal to your partner’s.


a. Social exchange

b. Attraction

c. Social penetration

d. Equity

Question 15Which of the following is NOT an example of a cost in a relationship?


a. paying for dinner

b. listening to a typoe of music which you strongly dislike

c. giving up time with friends

d. all of the above could be considered costs



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