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Practice Final Exam

ChE 2002 Introduction to Chemical Engineering Computing


Part 1 Circle all answers that are correct; there can be 0 to 5 correct answers.

  1. (5 points) Which of the statements below is true?
  1. A subroutine cannot open a message box
  2. A subroutine can only return ONE value to an open spreadsheet
  3. A subroutine can insert a new spreadsheet
  4. A subroutine cannot use a function
  5. A subroutine can use either a function and/or another subroutine


  1. (5 points) Which of the statements below is false regarding Macro Recording?
  1. The macro recorder creates a subroutine that can format a table
  2. The macro recorder creates a function that generates a plot in an open worksheet
  3. The macro recorder creates VBA code that can calculate a formula by using values from a spreadsheet
  4. The macro recorder creates VBA code for a user-defined function within a subroutine
  5. The macro recorder creates a subroutine that assigns a variable type in a message box
  1. (10 points)  If the VBA code below was complete, what is the value of TodaysValue assuming ? Show the calculation the computer would do.


Dim Values(1 To 10, 1 To 10) As Single

For i = 1 To 10

    For j = 1 To 10

      Values(i, j) = (i+50) / (k * j)

    Next j

Next i


TodaysValue = Values(3, 2)


After the code has executed what is the value of the variable TodaysValue?

TodaysValue = __________






Part 2 Programming Exercises

Note: Prepare all of your programming solutions in ONE Excel workbook. Put EACH PROBLEM on a SEPARATE WORKSHEET. Save the workbook with your name, for example Last First Final Exam.xlsm. Submit your Excel workbook on D2L in the electronic drop box designated for the Final Exam.

Problem 1 (20 points)

Using Sheet1 of your Excel workbook, write a user defined function with an  statement to evaluate the following function, :


Use your user defined function to plot  from to .

Problem 2 (20 points)

On Sheet2 of your workbook, find the number of real roots of the following polynomial using a user defined function:


Remembering that the number of real roots equals the number of times the polynomial crosses the x-axis, find the roots by plotting the polynomial on the interval . List the number and approximate value of the roots you find:

  1. Number of real roots = _________________________
  2. Approximate value of roots = ______________________________________________



Problem 3 (35 points)

The Maclaurin series for the inverse hyperbolic tangent is given by


Using Sheet3 of your workbook, create a UserForm that allows the user to

  1. Choose the option to write the nth term of the series on the worksheet
  2. Choose the option to write the sum of the first n-terms on the worksheet
  3. Make the OK CommandButton and the OptionButton for the sum of the n-terms as the default buttons
  4. Create a button on the spreadsheet that starts the UserForm

For  use your program on Sheet3 to calculate:

  1. The value of the 10th term in the series: ____________________
  2. The sum of the first 10 terms in the series: ___________________
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