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Three weeks ago I was given levels of tumor-associated antigens in a sample of 90 normal (non-cancer) individuals, and 160 hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients. Here is a proposed diagnostic test for HCC:

  • For each individual, calculate a numerical score:
    • score = -3.95 + 10.7 * HCC1 - 4.14 * P16 + 13.95 * P53 + 28.92 * P90 + 6.48 * survivin
    • (This equation was derived from logistic regression.)
  • If this score is positive (i.e., > 0), diagnose this individual as an HCC patient; if this score is negative (i.e., <0), diagnose this individual as normal (i.e., non-cancer).
  • Apply this rule to the entire cohort of 250 individuals. Report the sensitivity of this rule, the specificity, the false positive rate, the false negative rate, and the overall accuracy. Do you think the score function provides a good diagnostic test for HCC? Explain.

See original paper attached:


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