• Answer the following questions in complete sentences. This is open book. Post your completed document in your assignment folder.


    1. What are three Personal circumstances that influence financial thinking?
    2. Family structure and health have effects on what two items?
    3. Career choice affects ______ and ______ or _________________.
    4. What are the three commonly used financial statements?
    5. _____________ are shown on the income statement and the cash flow statement. ________________ are shown on the balance sheet.
    6. What does the income statement lists?
    7. The financial planning process mirrors a ___________ process.
    8. What does the process of creating a budget suggest?
    9. What is required for a budget to succeed?
    10. The primary cash flow management tool for most consumers is what type of account?
    11. What does balancing your checkbook reconcile?
    12. What are three ways to try to protect yourself from scams?
    13. Some purchases involve conscious decisions. When you have to live with your decision for years instead of days, you tend to make it more carefully. What are the steps in the decision process?
    14. What are four advantages and four disadvantages of renting and owning?
    15. What would your monthly mortgage payment be if you were considering purchasing a house for $250,000 with a $50,000 down payment and financing the remaining $200,000 with a thirty-year, 6.5 percent mortgage?
    16. Commodities are resources or raw materials, name three.
    17. The more you can anticipate and include constraints in your planning, the less likely they will throw you off course. Name two constraints.
    18. What are two used measures to gauge the economic environment or cycle?
    19. Firms may offer different levels of brokerage services. What are they?
    20. For the individual investor, preferred stock may have two additional advantages over common stock. What are they?


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