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Criminalistic final
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This is due in two weeks and i'd like to find a criminal justice major to help me complete this. message me and we will figure how. here are more instructions:


The Exam:

  • Exam consists of an automated set of questions in LEO and 4 Essay Questions in a separate WORD document.
  • You must complete both parts of the exam.

Automated Portion

  • This portion of the exam is located in Quizzes & Exams, under My Tools on the Nav Bar 
  • You will have 2 hours to complete this portion of the exam.
  • It consists of multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the blank, multi-select, matching, and ordering.
  • There are 45 questions, worth 60% (60 points) of your final exam grade.

Essay Questions

  • This portion of the exam is located in Content, under Week 8, below.
  • Please provide your responses on the WORD document in the designated areas.
  • Please save the file/document as LastName_Exam.doc or docx (i.e. WilsonS_exam).
  • Open Book and Open Note for the Essay Portion Only
    • LEO Classroom (reading assignments, discussions, laboratory assignments, Webliography, et cetera);
    • Textbook.
  • Responses MUST BE in your OWN WORDS
    • No quoting or paraphrasing from the material;
    • You cannot collaborate with anyone else.
  • You have the entire week to complete this portion of the exam.
  • Ensure that you thoroughly respond to all parts of the question to earn the maximum points available.
  • There are 4 essay questions, worth 10 points each, 40 points total or 40% of your final exam grade.
From Law, General Law Due on: 15 Oct, 2016 01:44:00 Asked on: 01 Oct, 2016 12:48:09
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