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  1. What are some benefits of telepresence in the corporate/business environment?
  2. Other than corporate meetings, what other environments could telepresence technology be useful?
  3. What type of organizations would prefer telepresence over teleconferencing or regular video conferencing?
  4. With the high cost to implement telepresence systems, do you think this technology has a future? Why or why not? 
  5. What is one disadvantage to having a VoIP phone?
  6. Will you save money by using VoIP phone service at your business?
  7. Why would you choose VoIP over an analog phone?
  8.  What industry do you think will be most heavily impacted by 3D printing? 
Will the desire for 3D printing designs have an impact on company requirements for IT security?

  10. Do CIOs and CTOs of manufacturing companies have a responsibility to encourage adoption of 3D printing capabilities?
What are some device-aware applications you use regularly?

  12. What are other types of data that can be included in a user agent string?

  13. If a specific application is device-aware, does that affect the Quality-of-Service (QoS)?

  14. How do you think the context-aware applications category could be expanded to include more subcategories than the five listed above (device, location, time, personalized, adaptable) in the future to make applications more effective? 

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    IT trends and its constituence
    1. What are some benefits of telepresence in the corporate/business environment When running a business you don’t have to travel physically for you as an owner .The business owner can do his or her
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