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  • 1. What’s the difference between a .38 and a .380?

    2. What types of things do you need to think about when performing a muzzle to target distance determination? (Don't just define a muzzle to target determination: discuss what items you must think about as you perform this type of examination)

    3. What are some reasons a tool would be reported out as inconsistent with a toolmark that tool did actually make?

    4. If you develop a serial number, and you realize that you do not have all the numbers/letters, will that partial serial number be of any use?

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    What is the value of a "match" in firearm or toolmark examination? How is this conveyed to the courts?  Do you see the problems firearm examiners are faced with today when offering their expert opinion in court? Why has this seemingly appeared overnight as a problem in the criminal justice system when for years bullet and cartridge markings matching to weapons was mainstay testimony?

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