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Create a Context Diagram
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I have a group project. We are coming up with a technology solution for a carpet company that uses old paper solutions. 

My portion is to create a context diagram for the group by looking at all the technology solutions provided.

A context diagram

  • Since this diagram will be placed in the Appendix, this section should include a brief explanation of the diagram and make reference to it.
  • The diagram shows the boundaries or scope of the proposed solution, the external entities involved, and the data that flows between the system and the external entities. Each type of system user should be included among the external entities.

Here is the feedback from the team lead for me:  Review the "how it's used" section from the individual submissioned technology solutions (Michael & AdamClarck TechnologySolution(2)) (attached) Complete a context diagram, to include a brief description of the diagram while making references to it.  DUE BY midnight, 23 September. 

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