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Define the Following Terms:

  • Concentric cracks:
  • Cone or crater (Hertzian cone):
  • Hackle:
  • Radial cracks:
  • Ream:
  • Wallner lines (ridges):
  • 3R Rule:


For the following figure:

  1. What can be determined from this figure?
  2. How would you be able to determine the sequence of the bullet holes?
  3. What is the sequence of the bullet holes?

For the following figure:

  1. Which bullet hole was created first?
  2. Can you determine the sequence of bullet holes? If yes, what would it be? This one is a bit tricky; give it your best try.


  1. What information could glass fracture examinations inform you about the crime scene or case scenario?       Would this information be beneficial? Explain.
  2. Do you believe that glass fracture examinations would be admissible under Frye and/or Daubert? Explain. 

Ensure that you are defending your responses with the use of course material via in-text citations and a reference section. The in-text citations and reference section should be in APA format. Please review the Weekly Assignment Rubric for the specific number of resources required for maximum points.



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    CRIMINALIST PAPER Definition of terms 1. Concentric cracks: they are fractures that forms in a circular pattern around the area of the impact. This is why they are normally in respectable segments that end
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