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I need this assignment done and don't know where to begin. It is the biggest assignment I've had thus far. The first tutor stated that this assignment would take a month. Thus, I talked to my teacher and she stated it isn't going to take that long. Please view the files and assignment and give me an estimate. The due date is sunday 11:50pm. Please help 

Technology Solution: The file with the deliverables 

G2C-WD Section 1 & G2C-WD Section 2 3 4 - are support documents that have been completed already by my team 

ROI_Calculator and Spreadsheet: The template needed to complete the calculation portion 

The other two files are examples of the professors expectation for the network diagram and instructions on how to use the ROI 

This counts for 15% of my grade and I was going to not do it but it can be the differnce between failing and passing thus I just need help

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