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O Assignment 2: Promoting YOU as a Brand
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  • Week 9 Assignment 2 - Submit Here
  • Assignment 2: Promoting YOU as a Brand
  • Due Week 9 and worth 240 points
  • Every one of us is our own brand, and in this assignment you will analyze Your Brand!
  • Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you address the following personal branding questions:
  • Examine your personal skills:
    • What is your area of expertise? - My expertise’s are connecting with people, relationship building, selling and closing deals.
    • What valuable skills do you have to offer?  Marketing skills, sales expertise, customer service, mentoring skills and training skills
    • Where can you improve? Complete my education to get to the next level.  Work on my organization skills and prioritizing.
  • Analyze your career goals:
    • What do you want to accomplish? (e.g., obtain a new job, get a better position in your current company, reinvent yourself, obtain fame, etc.) I would like to obtain a leadership position that will allow me to teach and mentor others to success in a sales/marketing industry.  I would like this to happen at my current employer however I am open to adventuring to another company.
  • Define your aspirations:
    • What do you want to be known for?  I want to be known as a leader who empowers, inspire others to reach their full potential.  I want to be known for that woman… the one who will go the extra mile.
    • What steps can you take to get there?  I need to continue my education so that my education matches my experiences and skill level.
  • Assess your job personality:
    • Go to and take the Job Personality Test.
      • What do the results identify about your current employment?
      • What direction do the results show your career might take? My results indicate that I am heading in the right direction.  Public Speaking, event manager, sales manager trainer.  I have mastered the sales industry and my desire is to be in a leadership position where I can help others to be successful as well.  I have never considered being a public speaker or event manager however, both of these positions sound exciting. 

Your scores:

  1. Hands-on: 14

Your ideal work is mainly about engaging with the physical world, for example building, cooking, craft, DIY, working with animals, plants and machines, sports and hands-on therapy. Example jobs include: sports coach, physiotherapist, engineer, LGV driver, builder, mechanic, veterinary nurse.

  1. Information and research, processes and systems: 7

Your ideal work is mainly about researching or managing information. This will include analysis, cataloguing and database management, but may include investigating topics in depth, IT, science, maths, quality control, systems and regulations. Example jobs include: accountant, scientific researcher, investigative journalist, legal assistant, book-keeper, health and safety officer, purchasing professional.

  1. Influencing, negotiating, communicating: 20

Your ideal work is mainly about persuading other people to do something, buy something or believe in your cause. This includes driving others, influencing, persuading, lobbying, motivating, selling. Example jobs include: sales person, recruiter, fundraiser, event manager, estate agent, public speaker.

  1. Creative use of ideas, materials or situations: 13

Your ideal work is mainly about working imaginatively with ideas or designs. This includes jobs in the arts, performing, creative writing, and also visual design, lateral thinking, business creativity, adapting or coming up with new ideas, working in situations where no rulebook exists. Example jobs include: graphic designer, training consultant, wedding planner, public relations.

  1. Supporting people: 19

Your ideal work is mainly about working with people, with their wellbeing and development as the main focus of your work. Example jobs include: teacher, life coach, therapist, nurse, learning and development, career coach.

  1. Making new things happen: 15

Your ideal work is mainly about achieving things with and through other people. This may involve organisational change, planning, managing projects, leadership, creating a new business, shaping teams, getting results. Example jobs include: project manager, team leader, operations manager, sales manager, business developer.


  • Analyze your current career emulation:
    • Research individuals that are currently in the position that you want.
      • What are people in such positions doing?
      • What displays when you Google their name or a specific job title that you are seeking? Document what you find and address how you can (or have) accomplish(ed) similar achievements.
  • Examine the potential opportunities for networking within your general career domain.
    • According to the U.S. Department of Labor (2009), career networking is how over 60% of individuals find jobs.
      • Suggest the individuals / groups of individuals that you might use to network within your career domain.
  • Assess your social media presence:
    • Do you currently have accounts on Linked In, Classmates, Facebook, etc.? If so, what could you do to improve your presence on these Websites? If not, which Websites would you consider signing up for? Yes, I have a Linked In account and Facebook.  My facebook page is really a way for me to connect with friends and family since I live in a different state than they do.  I do have a Linked -In account however, I rarely use it. 
    • Are there any additional social media Websites that you would consider maintaining? Why or why not?
  • Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:


I attached a copy of my resume to help you. 


A leadership position that will allow me to educate and mentor others in a sales and marketing environment.



B2B Sales                                                                                             Training and Development

Microsoft Word 10.0 Excel, PowerPoint                                          Negotiation Skills

Recruiting                                                                                              Marketing Collateral Development

Digital Sales                                                                                         Internet Marketing




Comcast, White Marsh MD                                                                                              2015 -Current

Inside Sales

  •          Experience in selling Comcast products and services with exceptional customer service.
  •          Recognized in the Excellency program.
  •          Exceed monthly goals and expectations
  •          Successfully coached New Hires to success in the Alex Mentoring Program


Customer Service-Silver spring                                                                                    2014-2015

  •          Maintained exceptional customer service to all customers and partners across the Comcast footprint.
  •          Mentored and coached employees.
  •          Exceeded all metrics monthly. 


Super Media LLC, Dex Media, Northern Virginia                                                       2010- 2014

Media Consultant/Outside Sales

●            Developed and executed marketing programs and general business solutions resulting in increased company exposure, customer traffic, and sales.

●               Recognized for outstanding performance and top performer in the division

●            Experience in selling on-line placement products, such as Search Engine Marketing, Paper Click, Mobile Websites, and Social Media products too small to medium size businesses.


Idearc Media the Official Publishers of Verizon Yellow Pages Lanham, MD   2005-2009

Account Executive/Outside Sales

●            Developed and executed marketing programs and general business solutions resulting in increased company exposure, customer traffic, and sales.

●            Work closely with all product development departments to create and maintain marketing materials for sales presentations and client meetings.

●               Recognized several times for outstanding performance as the number 1 Account Executive in the division.


UPMC Health Plan Commercial Member Services, Pittsburgh, PA                                      2001-2004

Customer Service Rep

●               Provide quality customer service to providers, physicians and hospitals

●               Responsible for explaining claims and benefit issues

●               Processed claims

●               successfully met and exceeded the call quota of 50 calls a day while maintained exceptional customer service


Coventry Health Advantra Sales and Marketing, Pittsburgh, PA                                   1995-2001

Outreach Coordinator/Member Retention Specialist

●               Created and implemented new Member Orientation Meetings to retain Medicare Eligible recipients

●               Trained Sales representatives on how to communicate the programs to the clients. 

●               Liaison between Member Services, Marketing Department and the members

●               Responsible for hosting healthy and fun events for Aging Adults Senior Medicare + Choice Members s

●               Customer Service Trainer for two years

●               Grievance Secretary for one year, handling all 1st and 2nd level appeals in benefit disputes.


  • Typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the students name, the professors name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length.
  • Note: There are no reference or APA requirements for this assignment.
  • The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
    • Evaluate the role communication plays in marketing programs.
    • Analyze the advertising tools available to determine which ones to use for a specific situation.
    • Analyze media tools that can be used to enhance marketing communications.
    • Use technology and information resources to research issues in marketing communications.
    • Write clearly and concisely about marketing communications using proper writing mechanics.
  • Click here to view the grading rubric for this assignment.
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