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Grill deals in the repair and sale of new and used clocks. West brought a clock to Grill to be repaired. One of Grill's clerks mistakenly sold West's clock to Hone, another customer. Under the Sales Article of the UCC, will West win a suit against Hone for the return of the clock? (Points : 10)       

Question 3. (TCO 5) An appliance seller promised a restaurant owner that a home dishwasher would fulfill the dishwashing requirements of a large restaurant. The dishwasher was purchased but it was not powerful enough for the restaurant. Under the Sales Article of the UCC, what warranty was violated? (Points : 10)

Question 4. (TCO 8) Drew bought a computer for personal use from Hale Corp. for $3,000. Drew paid $2,000 in cash and signed a security agreement for the balance. Hale properly filed the security agreement. Drew defaulted in paying the balance of the purchase price. Hale asked Drew to pay the balance. When Drew refused, Hale peacefully repossessed the computer. Under the UCC Secured Transactions Article, which of the following remedies will Hale have? (Points : 10)

Question 5. (TCO 8) Houseofcards Finance, Inc., files a financing statement regarding a transaction with Biskuit Company. A valid, enforceable financing statement must contain all of the following, except _____ (Points : 10)
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