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            (TCO 7) RiteMade Machinery, Inc., designs, makes, and sells a drill press. Steel Equipment Company copies the design without RiteMade's permission. Steel's conduct is actionable provided (Points : 2)       

Question 2. (TCO 7) Ernie's Good Eatin' Cafe uses a distinctive decor, layout, menu, and style of service. This restaurant's image and overall appearance is _____. (Points : 2)

Question 3. (TCO 7) Ellen publishes a book titled First Place, which includes a chapter from Frank's copyrighted book Great Racecar Drivers. Ellen's use of the chapter is actionable provided (Points : 2)

Question 4. (TCO 7) Ross e-mails Super Snowboard Company's marketing campaign to Winter Sports Corporation, Super's competitor, without its permission. This is _____. (Points : 2)

Question 5. (TCO 8) Posing as Sterling Bank, Roxanne e-mails Quentin, asking him to update his personal banking information by calling a certain phone number. He makes the call and supplies the data, which Roxanne promptly sells to Porcio. This is _____. (Points : 2)

Question 6. (TCO 8) Via e-mail, Vern makes repeated credible threats to Ursula that put her in reasonable fear for her safety. This is _____. (Points : 2)

Question 7. (TCO 8) Gladstone regularly sends unsolicited commercial e-mail to hundreds of millions of recipients. This e-mail is prohibited or regulated in _____. (Points : 2)

Question 8. (TCO 8) Lively Toys Store and Movin' Products Company (MPC) enter into an e-contract under which MPC agrees to ship a case of electronic, remote-controlled bugs to Lively Toys, which agrees to pay on delivery. The Uniform Electronics Transactions Act (UETA) _____ (Points : 2)

Question 9. (TCO 8) Under the UCC Secured Transactions Article, perfection of a security interest by a creditor provides added protection against other parties in the event the debtor does not pay its debts.
Which of the following parties is not affected by perfection of a security interest? (Points : 2)

Question 10. (TCO 8) Under the Secured Transactions Article of the UCC, all of the following are needed to create an enforceable security interest, except _____ (Points : 2)
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