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Gail enters into a contract with Hi-Price Appliances, Inc. In a suit between the parties over payment under the contract, Gail claims that a certain clause is unconscionable. If the court agrees, it may (Points : 2)       

Question 2. (TCO 5) Recreation Supplies, Inc. (RSI), and Sam, the owner of Tourist Time Shop, orally agree to a sale of beach balls and seashells for $1,000. Sam gives RSI a check for $400 as a partial payment. This contract is (Points : 2)

Question 3. (TCO 5) Kimberly Inc., a jewelry store, and JKCent, a retailer, draft a contract that permits JKCent to retail Kimberly’s jewelry in its stores. However, the parties discover a minor clerical error six months into the contract and the court rewrites their contract. This is an instance of _____. (Points : 2)

Question 4. (TCO 5) Timmy purchased a car from his local dealership, SparklerCars. However, since the car was not available in the color that Timmy favored, the sales contract stipulated that Timmy could immediately pick up the car from a nearby warehouse it was housed in. The warehouse was owned by Mr. Putins. Timmy received the document of title for the car upon payment and presented it to Mr. Putins around a week later. But Mr. Putins informed Timmy that the car was damaged during a fire in the warehouse. What role does Mr. Putins fulfill in the contract? (Points : 2)

Question 5. (TCO 5) Mica buys Nature, a movie, through Open View, an online entertainment vendor. Before completing the purchase and downloading Nature, Mica must review a warning not to make and sell a copy of it. This warning is (Points : 2)

Question 6. (TCO 6) Seafood Restaurant Company pays income and other taxes collected by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Like other federal administrative agencies, the IRS was created by (Points : 2)

Question 7. (TCO 6) The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) discovers that Goodnuff Trailers, Inc., is violating a FEMA regulation. If this situation is resolved like most such disputes, the outcome will be (Points : 2)

Question 8. (TCO 6) Labor Recruiters, Inc., has been ordered to appear at a hearing before an administrative law judge of the National Labor Relations Board. A significant difference between a trial and an administrative hearing is that (Points : 2)

Question 9. (TCO 5) An appliance seller promised a restaurant owner that a home dishwasher would fulfill the dishwashing requirements of a large restaurant. The dishwasher was purchased but it was not powerful enough for the restaurant. Under the Sales Article of the UCC, what warranty was violated? (Points : 2)

Question 10. (TCO 5) High sues the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer for bodily injuries caused by a power saw High purchased. Which of the following statements is correct under strict liability theory? (Points : 2)

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