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Can someone help with Variation, Inequalities and Graphing?
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Variation, Inequalities and Graphing


If a customer has a lawn that is watered regularly, the amount of a customer’s water bill can be modeled using the following combined variation equation.


In the equation, W is the amount of the water bill, T is the average daily temperature for the month, A is the area of the lawn, N is the number of people living in the home, and R is the average monthly rainfall in inches.  Using what we know about variation, we see that W varies directly as T, A, and No Image  and inversely as R, and 0.0026 is k, the constant of variation. 


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Calculate your water bill under the following conditions.

  • To determine T, choose a month and do an internet search for the average daily temperature in your area. 
  • Choose a lawn area, A, between 200 ft2 and 5000 ft2.
  • For N, use the number of people living in your home. 
  • Using the same month you used to find T, find R by doing an internet search for the average monthly rainfall (in inches) in your area. 

Show the original equation and all steps used to solve it.  Since this is a money amount, remember to give your answer in dollars and cents. Review an example of a response for this Discussion.


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