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Please view the attached Word document for full instructions. This is NOT an essay and does NOT have to be in essay format. 

The two questions are:

1. List Kohlberg’s stages of cognitive development and describe each one. At which stage do most police officers fall? At which stage do most corrections officers fall? At which stage do criminal court judges fall? Clearly explain your answers.

2. Describe the process of how police recruits are taught ethics from an organizational standpoint. Support your answer using at least one recent scholarly journal article 

I am providing the article for question #2, and an additional source. You must use the article and any additional sources you may need (not Wikipedia, etc.) but you should be able to answer with the two sources I have provided.


I need them completed by 2:00pm (EST) 12/8/2018 so approx. 13 hours from now

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