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Analyze and Validate Digital Forensic Data 2
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  • Part 1: Probe Graphics Files

For this project, use IrfanView to open graphics files and save them in a compressed graphics format different from the original format. Be sure to note any changes in image quality after converting files to a different format. Then, follow these steps:

    1. Start IrfanView.
    2. Download the Files for Assignments and unzip/decompress them into a local folder on your computer. Then, locate the file that contains the data files for this week.
    3. In IrfanView, click File, and then Open from the menu. In the Open dialog box, navigate to your unzipped files and then double-click Spider.bmp to open the file.
    4. Click File, and then Save As from the menu. Change the file type to .jpg and save the file as Spider.jpg in the same location.
    5. Save Spider.jpg as Spider2.bmp in the same location.
    6. Open these three graphics files in new sessions of IrfanView and compare the files. Document any changes you notice.
    7. Open Flower.gif from your file folder, and save it as Flower.jpg in the same location.
    8. TIP: If your screen is cluttered with too many open IrfanView windows, close a few that you are no longer working with.
    9. Save Flower.jpg as Flower2.gif in the same location.
    10. Open these three graphics files in new sessions of IrfanView, and document any changes you see when comparing the files.
    11. Open Cartoon.bmp from your folder, and save it as Cartoon.gif in the same location.
    12. Save Cartoon.gif as Cartoon2.bmp in the same location.
    13. Open these three graphics files in new sessions of IrfanView, and document any changes you see when comparing the files.
    14. Exit all instances of IrfanView.

Summarize your conclusions in a brief two- to three-page report.

Part 2: Analyze Graphics Files in Emails

Assume several graphics files were transmitted via email from an unknown source to a suspect in an ongoing investigation. The lead investigator gives you these graphics files and tells you that at least four messages should be embedded in them. Use your problem-solving and brainstorming skills to determine a procedure to follow. Write a brief one- to two-page report outlining what to do.

Combine both components into a single assignment document.

Support your assignment with at least three resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Total Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Cite and reference at least 10 resources used in your paper, plus your software tools.

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