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Assemble Data to Process Incident and Crime scenes
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​Your supervisor has asked you to research current acquisition tools. Using your preferred Internet search engine and the vendors, prepare a report containing the following information for each tool. You will need to add information found on the Internet. Then, state which tool you would prefer to use and why:

    1. Digital/computer forensics vendor name
    2. Acquisition tool name and latest version number
    3. Features of the vendor’s product

With this data collected, prepare a spreadsheet listing vendors in the rows. For the column headings, list the following features:

    1. Raw format

    2. Proprietary format

    3. AFF format

    4. Other proprietary formats the tool can read

    5. Compression of image files

    6. Remote network acquisition capabilities

    7. Method used to validate (MD5, SHA-1, and so on)

      Provide your selection and motivation in one to two pages and add your spreadsheet listing as a separate file.

      Part 2: Documenting a Crime Scene

      Assume you are at a crime scene, which is the home of a suspected drug dealer. You find a computer turned on with three applications running. An online session is also open through a cable connection. Write a two- to three-page paper outlining what you should do to document the crime scene, and then collect and package the evidence.

      Length: 3 to 5 pages plus a spreadsheet

      References: minimum of 2 scholarly resources plus the Internet resources used in the assignment.

Book(s): Greengard, S. (2012). On the Digital Trail. Communications of the ACM

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